Cyclists Curing Cancer Century Ride

One of my favorite rides of the year, the Cyclists Curing Cancer Century, is coming up this Saturday September 26, 2015.

Serenity Garden at the Hederman Cancer Center

Serenity Garden at the Hederman Cancer Center

Not only does the “Cancer Century” raise money for the Serenity Garden at the Hederman Cancer Center, it also is a great ride to push yourself to go beyond your normal limits. Many of us have been riding much of the summer and the Cancer Century is a great ride for all.

Beginner Cyclists:

For newer cyclists accustomed to riding on the multi-use trail, the Cancer Century is a great reason to graduate to riding on the road.  Why? There are at least three good reasons:

Police Escort — a full police escort is used from the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton down Clinton Parkway to the Natchez Trace.

Low Traffic — the Natchez Trace south of Clinton is the least traveled section of the national parkway in the Jackson metro area. With very little traffic, a cyclist new to the roadway will find very light traffic as compared to other popular cycling routes.

New Multi-use Trail — by using the new multi-use trail on Clinton Parkway, bikers can feel confident managing the rolling hills on the way back to the Healthplex without the fear of cars.

Cancer ride pic

Cyclists and volunteers pose for a picture at a rest stop during the Century ride.

Intermediate Cyclists:

For the intermediate cyclist who has ridden most of the summer, the Cancer Century is perfect for you to push your mileage. Did you ride 42 miles at Bikes Blues and Bayous in August and 50 miles at the JMC Labor Day ride? Challenge yourself to hit a new goal – at least 10 miles further than your longest ride thus far this year! This is a goal you can easily accomplish!

cancer ride 2

Cyclists enjoying the Dr. Suess themed rest stop during the Cancer Century.

The Century Rider:

For the more experienced cyclist, if you have not pulled off your first century, Saturday is the day to do it. The temperatures will be cooler. You have ridden all summer long. You have ridden 65 miles or more several times this summer in the brutal heat. All I can say is, “What are you waiting for”?

Riding 100 miles on a bike is not easy, but it can be done. You may not enjoy the last 25 miles, but staying on the bike and pedaling is the best way to reach this cycling pinnacle. If this is your first century, I suggest to skipping every other rest stop in the first 50 miles and keep your stops to 5 minutes or less. On the way back, stop at all of the rest stops to make sure you have enough ice and water.  The most important aspect of riding 100 miles on a bike is to make sure you are taking in enough fluids. As the heat rises in the late morning, make sure you are drinking electrolyte drinks and water. Fill your water bottles up with ice and cold drinks at each rest stop. Don’t stop too long at the rest stops, but make sure you are getting calories and fluids as the miles tick towards that special cycling three-digit number!

Ride Details:

The Cyclists Curing Cancer Century will start at the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton at 7:30 am and travels south on the Natchez Trace.  Ride options of 25, 50, 62, or 100 miles will be available for all levels of cyclists. The ride fee will be $55.

The funds raised by the century ride will benefit The Baptist Cancer Services Serenity Garden, located directly outside the Hederman Cancer Center. The garden offers a private, secluded area where cancer patients and their families can enjoy peace and quiet, fresh air and a place to “escape.”  Finding an oasis in the middle of the hospital during cancer treatments gives many the strength they need to persevere.