Thank You Friends!

Hey Y’all!

It’s been a while since I have blogged and I want to go ahead and keep a record of my current adventure.


This past Thursday, I left the sultry heat of Mississippi to crew a Northern Transcontinental bike ride from Everett, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts.

The company I am traveling with, PAC Tour, is the same company I rode across the United States with in 2010, as well as, the company that holds the tours I attend out of Tucson each spring. PAC Tour specializes in long distance bike tours for cyclists that enjoy riding lots of miles every day.

As a crew member for PAC Tour I will work a day and ride a day. Thus, I will be riding approximately 114 miles across the US every other day. I am very excited about starting my second transcon. I couldn’t have done it without many of you!

Thank you, Frank Jarmin! For several years you attempted to talk me into riding RAGBRAI (a bike ride across IOWA). I had not been in the mood to train for a bike ride until I signed up for the week biking and camping in the corn. It was during this week that my passion for bike touring was rekindled and I decided I wanted to ride across the US again.

Thank you Germantown and JMC cyclists! I have ridden many miles of bike rides with you. You have helped me more than you will ever know – especially with my paceline technique! Having friends to ride with and a club that sponsors rides with rest stops has made it easier for me to train.

Thank you, Marsha Shaw, Marilyn Beach, Danny Husbands, Dale and Sarah Lea Anglin, Rebecca Walley and Alice Howell. You have been a part of many of my hardest, longest, hilliest, hottest, and fastest rides. I would not be as prepared for my trip had it not been for each of you. I value our friendship and riding time together. Thank you Marsha Shaw for being willing to ride anytime, anywhere, for being my major training partner, my security blanket and my “wheel” to suck when I needed relief from the wind or hills. I definitely would not have been as prepared for this ride as I am without you.

And finally, thanks to my wonderful husband, David for loving me enough to let me take a month to go ride my bike across our wonderful nation again. Thank you for putting up with all my antics when you could have easily married a nice demure (and boring) women and been spared watching all of my crazy adventures. I love you and appreciate all you do for me!

Today was a work day for all of the crew. I was only able to take this one picture of our route map and information board:

Pac tour day 0 map

Tomorrow we will leave Everett, Washington and head west to Whidbey Island, Washington and then head north to Sedro Woolley, Washington. Fortunately for me, it is my ride day and I am looking forward to a day that will be similar in nature to riding 100 miles in the Vicksburg National Military Park.

Thanks again to all of you who have made my journey to the beginning of my northern transcontinental easier!