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Ready for a Fall Biking Tour?

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Many Mississippi cyclists have endured a long hot summer of cycling.  Some may have even curtailed their miles during our hottest days.  You may be dreaming of riding in cooler temperatures.  And after hearing of the tales of the Mississippi cyclists participating in RAGBRAI, you may be ready for a bike tour vacation of your own.

You are in luck as there are many inexpensive bike tours still scheduled for this fall. Many of these tours have camping and hotel options which may change the base prices of the tours. There are several tours listed I would like to ride!

BikeMaine 2014 Read More

RAGBRAI: Sh!t People Put on Their Helmets!

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One of the challenges of RAGBRAI is keeping up with your group.  Just like our Mississippi crew, many cycling clubs take on the challenge of RAGBRAI together. However in the throng of cyclists it is easy to become separated from the friends you want to ride with.

Most of the Mississippi cyclists elected to ride their own ride as many of us ride at different paces or preferred leaving earlier in order to get out ahead of the cycling masses. Somehow, Caroline Cyclists, Ann, Frank, Gaines and Melissa survived the week staying together.

Gaines, Ann, Melissa and Frank miraculously stayed together throughout the week.

Gaines, Ann, Melissa and Frank miraculously stayed together throughout the week.

I am not sure what their strategy was to keep within sight of each other, but many groups pick a spot in each pass-through city to stop and re-group.  Others are a tad bit more creative and add a flair to their helmets! Read More

Have You Traveled to the Tanglefoot Trail?

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I am ashamed to admit that until recently, I had yet to visit and ride the Tanglefoot Trail®, the 44-mile Rails-to-Trails in North Mississippi.

tanglefoot-trail-logoThe Tanglefoot Trail has a detailed history including being named for the #3 Engine on the railroad corridor built by Col. William C. Falkner, great-grandfather of Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner.

What a stunning trail system it is! I am impressed with the Magnolia State’s newest converted train-track-turned-bike-path. Running south from New Albany through Pontotoc and ending in Houston, the trail has a lot of charm.

Don’t Speed-Date the Tanglefoot!

Many in the Jackson Metro area and around the state attempt to tackle the Tanglefoot in one day, leaving in the wee hours of dawn to make the drive to Houston, ride out and back as far as they want, and then head back home tired from a very hectic trip. Read More

The Chase on the Natchez Trace: Searvogel Says Hi to Ridgeland

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Wednesday morning I woke up with work on my mind. I needed to answer emails, write blogs and transcribe notes from the Bike Summit, and I wanted to start work on scheduling the League Certified Instructor training class. I vowed to spend a minimum of 10 hours catching up on my work.

So I grabbed a cup of chai latte and sat down at my computer at straight up 8 a.m I opened my computer, looked at my email inbox and witnessed my to-do list fly out my window!

A message from Alicia Snyder, Kurt Searvogel’s crew member, said Kurt was in Mississippi, on the Natchez Trace, and heading toward Ridgeland!

AAAGGGHHHH!!!! So much to do! So little time! Read More

Bicycling Built for Two: Ridgeland Tandem Rally Takes Place in April

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Ridgeland OBO 720x3002015 brings many new bike rides to Mississippi. Over the next few weeks, Crooked Letter Cycling will feature each of the new rides. One of them is the Ridgeland OBO Tandem Rally. It is being held the weekend of April 17-19 in the Ridgeland Township.

The Ridgeland OBO (One Behind the Other) Tandem Rally is a ride that Ashton and Renee Page are proud to have coming to the area. For those of you who don’t know Ashton and Renee, they are among our few local tandem riders.

Ashton and Renee started riding tandem 10 years ago, about six months before they were married. Ashton had cycled on and off since he was a teen in New Orleans. Renee was a runner and cardio junkie, so cycling on a tandem fit her perfectly. Read More

And the Envelope, Please … Statewide Ride Has a Name

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In November, the steering committee for “The Not Yet Named Bike Ride Across Mississippi” launched a contest to give a name to the big ride. After receiving 125 entries to name the ride, the committee has made its selection.

Our new ride is called:

Bike Mississippi Y’all – Magnolia State Annual Tour

Dianne DeHart, winner of the Name the Ride Contest

Dianne DeHart, winner of the Name the Ride Contest

Without further ado, we congratulate Dianne DeHart for her winning entry containing our favorite phrase, “Y’all”!  Dianne will receive a free entry to the ride, a Bike Mississippi Y’all jersey and VIP treatment during the week.

So, let me tell you about the process of choosing the name.

The committee gathered with high expectations, knowing that before the night was over we would make our first big step toward launching our multiday adventure. Each committee member received a two-page list of potential names, and immediately it became obvious that choosing a name for the trans-Magnolia-state ride would not be easy. It was decided that each member would peruse the list and attempt to narrow down the choices to five favorites out of the 125 names. Some on the committee were able to settle on just four names; one of us had difficultly narrowing them down to as few as 14!

After each member made his selection, we began comparing names on each list. Although we were not in complete agreement over the exact names, all of our favorite titles had common keywords. We all seemed to like Y’all, Magnolia and Tour. Unanimously, our favorite titles contained the word Y’all. We agreed that the word Y’all is a comforting and welcoming term, one that affirms Mississippi’s hospitable and inviting atmosphere. The phrase “Y’all come” echoed around the table. Read More

Name the Ride Contest

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Cyclists cross the old Mississippi River Bridge in Vicksburg

Cycling is on the rise in Mississippi! The Magnolia state now hosts a plethora of social rides, a handful of century rides—those over 100 miles in length—races of road, mountain and cyclocross varieties, multiple triathlons and several charity rides, including a two-day multiple sclerosis ride.

Years ago, Mississippi had another two-day ride, called Bike Across Mississippi. It started in Meridian, traveled to Morton for the overnight stay and finished in Vicksburg with a ceremonial dipping of wheels in the Mississippi River.

The one type of ride that Mississippi has never hosted is a weeklong cycling event. But that is about to change! Bike Walk Mississippi, our statewide cycling advocacy group, in partnership with several other organizations, will sponsor its first cycling tour in the fall of 2016. Read More