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Bike Trail Etiquette for Bikers, Walkers and Drivers

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This blog originally appeared in the June-August Ridgeland Life Magazine; however, it is applicable to all bike and multi-use trails.

Riding a bike has changed my life.

Fifteen years ago I could not have dreamed of all the things I would accomplish by bike. Since 2000 I have met hundreds of other cyclists, many who are now close friends. I have participated in bike rides all over the United States, including a cross-country tour in 2010. I am part of a very active cycling group – the Jackson Metro Cyclists – as well as co-leader of a monthly women’s bike ride. I am honored to say that I earlier this year I traveled to Washington, D.C., to discuss cycling with our Mississippi congressmen.

Me at Heatwave booth (1)

My name is Michelle Williams, and I am publisher of the Crooked Letter Cycling website. Read More

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign: Give to a Good Cause

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Safer Streets Giving Tues FBBike Walk Mississippi, our bicycle and pedestrian advocacy nonprofit, has been working on a new campaign for a while now to increase awareness and safety for bicyclists in Mississippi, and the group is ready to launch their effort statewide. Bike Walk Mississippi is trying to raise $5,000 by the end of the year so they can take this campaign to the next level and start producing a series of statewide PSAs, similar to those of the People for Bikes campaign, including viral videos, posters, postcards and radio spots. Representatives for the campaign will seek out advertising space and will be printing and distributing “I Share the Road” bumper stickers, Mississippi bike law pocket guides and educational materials to people free of charge throughout the state.

What Is the “I Share the Road” Campaign?

The “I Share the Road” campaign is a two-pronged effort to target motorist to change the perception they have of bicyclists on the road and to encourage mutual respect between motorists and cyclists. The campaign is a reminder that people who ride bikes are also someone’s daughters and sons, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. Your support of this campaign will launch a statewide education and awareness effort for sharing Mississippi’s roads. Please help Bike Walk Mississippi produce and distribute these resources. Support increased bicycle and pedestrian safety in Mississippi by donating online at IShareTheRoadMS. Read More

Support Your Local Bike Shops

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I will be the first to admit I have purchased cycling-related items from internet companies.  Sometimes, the internet is the only place to get an item such as discontinued items no longer available to order or specialty items only sold online.  It is very tempting to purchase most items from the internet – heck, you can find just about anything much cheaper on the internet. However, in most cases, the cyclist can and should buy from a local bike shop.

Why should a cyclist support a local bike shop? Read More

Cycling With: Alison Harkey, Bike Racer

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Today we are cycling with Alison Harkey, one of my cycling idols.  I had never met Alison but had heard of her amazing cycling accomplishments over the years.  I finally got to meet her in October of 2013.  Alison grew up in Scotland and moved to Mississippi in 1982 to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Physiology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.  She found that life in Jackson was pretty sedentary and started running to stay fit. She met her husband, Louis Harkey, on Old Canton Road during an afternoon run – he chased her down!  They began racing (running) together on weekends and eventually decided to get married, which they did in Scotland in September 1984. Alison and Louis returned to Jackson in December of 1984 and, apart from spending a year in London, they have lived in Jackson ever since. They have 4 adult children  – 3 girls and 1 boy ranging in age from 19 to 26 years old.  Alison was a stay at home Mom until a few years ago when she returned to work, on a very part time basis, in the Department of Physiology at UMMC. Read More