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The Mud, the Muck and the Craziness: Cyclocross Emerges in Mississippi

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Wendi Garrison running through a sand pit in her first CX race

Wendi Garrison running through a sand pit in her first CX race

2013 saw cyclocross infecting Mississippi in a big way. Wes McWhorter, the founder and race director of The Delta States Grand Prix of Cyclocross, said, “…once you get into cyclocross, you’ll be hooked for life!” This year cyclocross is back and bigger than ever.

In fact, the Tri-County Mountain Bike Association will host a two-day cyclocross festival the weekend of December 6 at the Ridgeland Mountain Bike Trails off of Giles Lane in Ridgeland.

What is cyclocross? Here is an overview of cyclocross provided by Wes:

Cyclocross 101
The sport of cyclocross or CX is believed to have originated in Europe in the early 1900s. Its similarity to steeplechase is no coincidence, as early races were contested over farmland, hedgerows, muddy roads and other reasonably nonnavigable parcours. Riders were often forced to dismount their bikes and run with them on their shoulders or push them along as they battled the natural and man-made obstacles. And so it is today. The bikes may be lighter and the outfits flashier, but the mud and muck and general craziness that define cyclocross remain alive and well. Read More